Game Film

2011 New York Exposure Camp
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Thanks to Tyler Smith and Pro Player Video for uploading the game film from the 2011 New York Exposure Camp.  Below, please find the links to the game film.  To see the rosters, click “rosters” next to the link for the game film; included in these rosters are the players’ jersey numbers.  To see all of the rosters in one place, click here.

Game 1: DBS vs. Fighting Davids (rosters)
Game 2: Triland vs. Aalborg (rosters)
Game 3: Macs vs. RazorSharks (rosters)
Game 4: RazorSharks vs. Fighting Davids (rosters)
Game 5: DBS vs. Triland (rosters)
Game 6: Macs vs. Aalborg (rosters)