2010 Ireland Tournament
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Below is a list of the players who played in the 2010 Ireland Tournament (organized by team).
Click on the team names for a .pdf of the roster.

PSM All Stars
Brian Addison
Bobby Barry
Kevin Cayea
Jerome Davis
Lionel Green
Camontae Griffin
Todd McCoy
Barry Murdock
Nick Shattuck

PSM Cougars
Chris Busch
Maurice Davis
Corey Godzinski
James Loe
Ryne Murray
Larry Pikes
Kelvin Potts
Fares Saqf Al-Hait
Clifford Washington
Ryan Wessels

Tolka Rovers
Brayden Billbe
Declan Carney
Daniel Curtin
Dedrick Finn
Brandon Giles
Sean Kilmartin
Aaron Lawless
Mark Nagle
Shondale Robinson
Puff Summers
Scott Summersgill
Jermaine Turner
Aaron Westbrooks
Isaac Westbrooks

UCD Marian
Neill Baynes
James Crowder
Cathal Finn
Barry Glover
Michael Higgins
Conor James
Daniel James
Matt Kelly
Conor Meany
Niall Meany
Paddy Young